Do You Know Your Rights as a Tenant / Landlord

Don’t be taken advantage of – be aware of your rights as a landlord or a tenant before you sign on the dotted line.

Property owners have a lot to take into consideration when leasing out apartments. The rules and regulations that are set in place to protect them should be carefully considered so as to not violate the rights of tenants. As in every business, the importance of taking care of your clients remains essential, especially today where word of mouth can make or break a business’ reputation. If good news travels fast imagine how much quicker bad news makes its rounds.

It is advised that landlords or property owners know their rights so they can practice them without violating the rights of their tenants. If you are a property owner/landlord, then the rights listed below should assist you identifying any offenses carried out by your tenants. The rights of a landlord include and are not limited to those listed below.

Landlord Rights:

  • Right to collection of Deposit
  • Collection of Rent on due date
  • Access to rental unit
  • Increase of rent
  • Eviction of Tenants

All of the stipulated rights of the landlord are justified within the identified rights as stated by the law. Should a tenant fall in breach of the contract that they signed and are by law obliged to obey, legal action can be taken by the landlord to hold the tenant accountable and for the landlord to get what is due to him/her.

For most of us, looking for a place to stay can be a beautiful journey when we have all the time in the world to find a place that suits us. When time is not on our side however, it turns into a journey filled with frustration and impatience – which in most cases result in us making hasty decisions like signing lease agreements without fully knowing or acknowledging our rights as tenants. A few tenant rights are listed below.

Tenants Rights:

  • Right to a safe living space
  • Right to privacy
  • Right to reasonable comfort and quiet
  • Right to repairs
  • Right to review a lease agreement

Just like tenants are held accountable for breaching the contract, so can legal action be taken against landlords who violate the rights of their tenants.

The rights listed above are only a few and are explained in-depth in the following PDF available for download:

It is extremely crucial for both parties to be aware of their own rights, but also to have some knowledge of each other’s rights. These rights, and those listed on the link above will help both parties understand what is entitled to them and how they should treat one another. Violation from either one of the parties could lead to the call for legal action to take place.